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Nadda Confident of BJP’s Success in All Poll-bound States, Says TMC Has Conceded Defeat in Bengal



BJP national president JP Nadda exuded confidence of his party forming the next government in West Bengal, continuing to govern in Assam, while remaining a key part of the ruling alliance in Tanil Nadu. He also sounded assured of coming to power in Puducherry and becoming a key force in Kerala.

In an exclusive interview with News18, Nadda said BJP fights every election with equal importance — be it Bengal, Assam, Tamil Nadu or Puducherry. “In every election, we put our point firmly in front of the public.”

He said the ruling Trinamool Congress in Bengal has already conceded defeat in the ongoing elections. Speaking on the violence that unfolded in Cooch Behar on Saturday during polling, Nadda said, “At 7:30am, Anand Burman, a BJP worker, was in line to vote when he was shot at and he died. TMC workers, then, wanted to take away the arms of the quick response team. Mamataji (Banerjee) had also commented in the same region that CRPF forces must be kept in check.”

“The violence perpetrated in Bengal proves that the government is hand-in-glove with criminals and criminalisation of the TMC has become the order of the day. Violent incidents are happening only in Bengal. Who is the chief minister of Bengal for the last 10 years? Who is its home minister and who is in charge of the state’s law and order? Who will answer this?” Nadda said hitting out at Banerjee, who is also the president of the ruling TMC.

Regarding the outsider-insider debate that the TMC has been exploring to corner the saffron camp in the state, Nadda said Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee’s contribution to the Partition of Bengal is well known. “Dr Mukherjee has been a source of inspiration for the BJP. Nevertheless, we became an outsider, while Mamataji is an insider,” he added.

He further said ‘Jai Shri Ram’ has become the slogan of change today. “Durga Puja, Saraswati Puja are being stopped by the TMC. Curfew is imposed on the day of Bhoomi Poojan of the Ram Janmabhoomi temple. Who will forget these things?”

Nadda said said the BJP always works hard in elections and all false narratives are being rejected by the people of Bengal. “There is no depth in the accusations levelled against us. A chief minister saying that outsiders are coming, is this according to the spirit of the Constitution of India?” Nadda said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses Mamataji as ‘Didi’ and with respectful words, but only abuses are being hurled at the saffron camp, Nadda said. “You speak abusively about us, they’ll approve you. We speak respectfully and they disallow us. This is the real test of leadership,” Nadda said.

“We cannot bear the terms Mamataji has used for the Prime Minister. Neither can we repeat words used against Home Minister Amit Shah.”

Regarding the Club House tapes that have come out in which TMC’s key strategist Prashant Kishore is heard making some predictions and calculations, Nadda said, “Those people are telling that they have been appeasing since 20 years. We say we are contesting elections against dictatorship, appeasement and negotiation.”

Bengal has the highest number of acid attack cases, incidents of human trafficking, rape and violence against women are the highest in Bengal, he said, adding that all these things are happening under the rule of Banerjee. “This reveals that there is a need for a change in the state.”

Regarding Assam, Nadda said the BJP manifesto is about continuity. “We will take forward the good work done for tea plantations, Namghars, for the youth and more.”

Taking a jibe at the Congress, he said the worker does not trust the leader and vice versa in the grand old party. “The role of Congress in the entire pandemic has been of an irresponsible opposition. When the lockdown was implemented, they questioned it. When it was lifted partially, they questioned it. When it was fully lifted, they questioned it again.”

“India has always been an importer of most things. PM Modi promoted our doctors and scientists and we developed two vaccines. Who commented on it and questioned its efficacy? The Congress.”

He also hit out at the Shiv Sena-led ruling alliance in Maharashtra. “The way the Uddhav Thackeray government is conducting itself, it would not be able to offer any relief to the public. The way corruption is going on in Maharashtra, it is all under the supervision of Thackeray.”

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