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Maharashtra BJP Says Actor Meera Chopra Got Vaccinated Out Of Turn, She Denies



Meera Chopra has denied getting the vaccine through fraudulent means (File)


The Thane Municipal Corporation on Sunday ordered an inquiry after the BJP alleged that an actor was vaccinated against COVID-19 out of turn at a civic health centre operated by a private firm.

The BJP had, on Saturday, claimed actor Meera Chopra was given a photo ID card identifying her as a supervisor by the private firm, which enabled her to get vaccinated at TMC’s Parking Plaza centre under the “frontline worker” priority category.

“TMC commissioner Vipin Sharma has ordered an inquiry under the deputy municipal commissioner (health) to find out if this woman actor got vaccinated out of turn. The report has to be submitted in three days,” TMC spokesperson and DMC Sandeep Malavi told reporters.

“There are news reports that Meera Chopra was vaccinated at a centre in Thane. The inquiry will look into all aspects of the matter and recommend action if there is any wrongdoing,” Mr Malavi added.

Meera Chopra has denied the allegations.

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