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Lockdown Inspires Chennai Techie To Cycle Across India For Six Months

23-year-old Shreyaas Viishvak works for IT major Zoho


Chennai-based Shreyaas Viishvak began his 8,000 km cycling expedition today to explore the whole country. The 23-year-old has taken up this refreshing way of discovering the country after he being confined at home last year due to the coronavirus lockdown.

He would be taking the Golden Quadrilateral highway and pedal to 28 cities including Bengaluru, Kolkata, Rishikesh, Jaipur, Goa over the next six months.

The techie who works for IT major Zoho has made a fine mix of his passion and profession. He would continue to work from home during weekdays from wherever he would stay like homes of his friends or relatives. Sometimes, he would also check in to hostels or campsites.

“After my office I would cycle to see local places and enjoy street food,” Mr Viishvak says. During weekends he would cycle up to 160km a day.

The young man who had taken up cycling two years ago has ever since taken the cycle to office.

Mr Viishvak carries his laptop, a raincoat, a tent, minimal clothing, a spare tyre and a few tools with him. Talking about his passion, he told NDTV, “Cycling gives me the freedom to explore and cover distances at my own pace, make it slow.”

His budget is Rs 15,000 to 18,000 a month for this.

His parents, friends and fellow cyclists from Chennai’s popular group WCCG had come to the selfie point along the Marina Beach to see him off. Mr Viishvak’s architect father Vasanthan said, “We are excited. Although we are concerned about the pandemic we allowed him as it would be a lifetime experience for him.”

His mentor Lokesh Rukmangathan, who promotes cycling through that he founded, says Mr Viishvak could inspire many to take up cycling.

He added, “We promote fitness through cycling. Just 45 minutes of pedalling daily is fine. Through this expedition Viishvak would spread that awareness in action”.

The lockdown, many say, motivated many to learn new things exploiting technology and even to introspect on their mental health and personal development. Varsha Hari, a young friend of Mr Viishvak says, “There was no social life largely during lockdown and many have been inspired to work on their personal development. His adventure is an indication of this trend.”

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