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Kamal Nath is Now Speaking to the Dead, Alleges CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan



Chouhan referring to Nath’s press briefing in Maihar on Friday said, “See the level of Congress’ lies, MPCC chief Kamal Nath in Maihar on Friday had said that he had met one Ramchandra Agrawal who told him that he died of Remdesivir injection.”

A clip was also viral on social media in which Nath was seen saying those lines as claimed by Chouhan.

After his demise, late Agrawal was telling Nath that he died of Remdesivir injection, claimed Chouhan, adding that this was sufficient to understand how far the Congress party has gone with lies.

“We need to save the state from liar Congress,” he said.

BJP State President VD Sharma also claimed that Nath was acting as an agent of outside forces for defaming the country. After his statement, the Pak media question India, added Sharma.

The Congress issued a video of Agrawal’s son who claimed that Nath had visited his home on Friday and he told the senior leader that his father died at City Hospital and Cancer Research Centre due to a fake Remdesivir injection.

Agrawal had been a journalist for over four decades with a Hindi daily.

To add, the said hospital is under police probe on charges of sourcing fake Remdesivir injections from Gujarat and owner Sarabjeet Singh Mokha, his family and several others are in police custody.

Nath had been under massive criticism from the BJP after he on Friday had said that India’s great image is now sullied due to the botched up handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, especially in the second wave.

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