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In Hyderabad, Covid Surge Drives Vaccine, Young People Wait For A Jab



At Hyderabad’s King Koti Hospital, there was a rush of people of all age groups awaiting their turn.


Fear of a second wave of Coronavirus is pushing the vaccination drive across the country. Today, vaccinations opened for those above 45 year who do not have other illnesses, but those opting for it are from all age groups, including healthcare workers who did not so far take it. Interestingly, if people were earlier reluctant to take Covaxin, doctors say many are now asking for it.

At Hyderabad’s King Koti Hospital, there was a rush of people of all age groups awaiting their turn to get the Covid vaccine. The casualty was social distancing.

“I think people need to be responsible. They have put chairs. We, the people, should ensure there is one chair empty in between,” said Mr Subba Rao, who has already taken the shot and brought his wife today.

Dr Sadhana, vaccine in-charge at the King Koti Hospital, said the numbers coming in for vaccine has gone up.

“Many are coming in as they are worried about a second surge. Even our own senior residents who did not take it earlier, are now going for it,’ she said.

18-year-old Mahi has come with her mother, hoping to get the jab. Her mother has just qualified in the above 45 age group.

“I was hoping to get the vaccine but they won’t give it, they said. They should start giving everyone,” she said.

Many young people in their 20s were also waiting to get a vaccine shot were healthcare workers or frontline workers.

While prior registration is preferred, walk-ins are also welcome. “We are doing registrations here itself if they bring identity proof,” a staff member said.

Interestingly, in the initial weeks, if there was a reluctance to take Covaxin, when it was in the clinical trial mode, doctors say now patients are asking for Covaxin.

“There is a shortage of Covaxin now. Many ask specifically and go back and come another day. But we tell them both have similar efficacy,” the hospital vaccine in-charge said.

Telangana’s health director has said post 3 pm, walk-ins are being allowed in order to ensure minimum wastage of vaccine.

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