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Google Assistant Sings Vaccine Song to Encourage You to Get COVID-19 Jab



Google Assistant can be aske to sing the vaccine song

Google Assistant has come up with an interesting song to encourage everyone to take COVID-19 vaccines. There’s no denying the grave significance of the subject, but the AI voice can at best be described as funny. Still, there’s no harm in listening to a song that celebrates the arrival of vaccines and describes them as safe. The song also lauds scientists, calling them “superheroes” for the efforts they have put in to ensure the vaccine was developed and administered to the people.

To listen to the song, simply ask Google Assistant on your phone or a smart device to “sing the vaccine song.” Depending on the settings on your device, Google Assistant will either sing the song in a male- or female-sounding voice. You can listen to the song here, posted on YouTube by user Scott Scrivens.

Though the lyrics are not grand, they may encourage anxious people to go and get the jab. The song also gives credit to the scientists and frontline workers. On Twitter, people have shared small video clips in which the Google Assistant on their mobile devices can be heard singing the vaccine song.

“If you have a Google assistant, ask it to sing you the “vaccine song”. You won’t regret it,” tweeted user @DapeachTV.

“Just was playing around with Google Assistant on my Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. Now you can ask it to sing the Vaccine song,” wrote another user @radio1975.

And here’s the song shared by another user @jas0nsg:

Here are some more tweets about the Google Assistant’s new vaccine song.

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