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Global Day Of Parents 2021: Parenting Challenges Amid COVID-19



Global Day of Parents: Check out these parenting tips amid COVID -19

The Global Day of Parents is observed on June 1 every year. This year amid the COVID-19 pandemic, parents and caregivers are facing tremendous challenges as children are away from their usual day at school. Taking care of out-of-school children and simultaneously continuing their work from home have taken a toll on parents globally. “Parenthood has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences of my life. This Global Parents Day I salute all parents worldwide for their commitment to raise, nurture and protect their children, despite the difficulties brought on by COVID-19,” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in his message. 

Global Day of Parents 2021: 5 key things to remember amid COVID-19

The pandemic has “taken away our daily work, home and school routines” and it has been hard for both children and parents, says the UNICEF. Here are five things that can make parenting easier amid the most difficult times: 

  1. Keeping it positive: “Try praising your child or teenager for something they have done well. They may not show it, but you’ll see them doing that good thing again. It will also reassure them that you notice and care.”
  2. Make handwashing and hygiene fun: “Make a 20-second song for washing hands. Add actions! Give children points and praise for regular handwashing”.
  3. Talking about COVID-19: “Be willing to talk. They will already have heard something. Silence and secrets do not protect our children. Honesty and openness do”.
  4. Set aside time to spend with each child: “It can be for just 20 minutes, or longer. It is up to us. It can be at the same time each day so children can look forward to it.”
  5. Structure up: “Children or teenagers can help plan the routine for the day – like making a school timetable. Children will follow this better if they help to make it. Include exercise in each day – this helps with stress and kids with lots of energy at home”.

(Source: UNICEF)

Happy Global Day of Parents!

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