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EC Says PM Modi’s Photo Should Be Removed from Vaccine Certificates of Poll-Bound States

The Election Commission (EC) has asked health ministry to remove the photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi from the coronavirus vaccine certificate under the rules of Election Code of Conduct.

The EC, in a letter to the health ministry, has sought a response over the matter.

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The TMC had termed PM Modi’s photo on the coronavirus certificate a violation of the Election Code of Conduct and had complained to the Election Commission.

In a complaint to the EC, the TMC objected to the use of PM’s photos and accused him of stealing the due credit from frontline workers namely doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers.

The EC suggested that the photo be removed from vaccine certificates from the four poll-bound states of West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Kerala and UT Puducherry.

The EC sought a report from the Chief Electoral Officer of Bengal on the issue, who said the Covid-19 vaccination drive was a central scheme.

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