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Dinesh Trivedi on Resigning from RS

Trinamool Congress MP Dinesh Trivedi, who resigned from Rajya Sabha on Friday over “violence” in West Bengal, said the move has been guided by his inner voice as he expressed disapproval over the politics in the state.

“Certain things come from your inner voice and when it does there are no calculations in life. I have always been like that. I felt that the country is much larger than all of us together,” Trivedi told CNN-News18 in his first interview after resigning.

The senior politician said he felt the principles of great leaders like Swami Vivekanand, Rabindranath Tagore and Subhas Chandra Bose were not being followed. “What triggered me was that Bengal has some of the best brains in the world and when we talk about Swami Vivekananda, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and Rabindranath Tagore and we don’t follow their ideology… we are just taking their names for the sake of it.”

“I was not able to speak my mind before Mamata Banerjee. There was no forum on which I could express my grievances,” he added.

Trivedi expressed displeasure over the politics being followed. “You don’t need to abuse the prime minister every time. There is so much of gali galoch (swearing). You can convey whatever your mean to in a respectful manner,” he said.

On the question of joining BJP, Trivedi said, “At this moment, I am back to my own conscious self and I am relieved that I can at least talk my mind. When you are in a party you have to be within the boundaries, discipline of the party. However, I am grateful to the party.”

While speaking on the Floor of the House earlier, Trivedi said, “We came from the land of Tagore but violence is upsetting. Today, my consciousness is asking me to resign against the misrule so that I can freely serve the people in my ‘Janmabhoomi’.”

In March 2012, Trivedi was made to resign as Union Railway Minister by Banerjee who was reportedly upset with him over train fare hikes announced in the Rail Budget. Trivedi had reportedly not consulted the party over the Budget.

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