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CM Shivraj Starts 24-hr Swasthya Agraha, Says Fighting Covid-19 is Collective Struggle



Saying that it’s a collective fight against Covid-19, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Tuesday sat on a 24-hour Swasthya Agraha in Bhopal.

Facial masks and social distancing are the biggest weapons in this fight, said Chouhan who was accompanied by a handful of partymen so as not to turn the venue into a crowded spot.

Besides carrying on with normal functioning of the State government, Chouhan promised to meet various sections of the society to discuss with them the Covid-19 threat and seek their suggestions. “It’s an apolitical event and I urge every section of society to contribute to this campaign,” said Chouhan.

The Chief Minister said that it was a historic day when Mahatma Gandhi had ushered a revolution by breaking salt laws in British era through satyagraha.

Saying that Covid-19 was on constant rise, Chouhan claimed that he reckons that absolute lockdown wasn’t a solution as it snatches the public’s employment so partial lockdown could work for the time being. Self-restraint is also an option by using masks, washing hands, going for vaccination, maintaining social distancing and so on.

“I also wish to make a moral call for the public through Swasthya Agraha to practice safety measures including facial masks, maintain social distancing, go for vaccination and avoid social behaviour that helps in spreading Covid-19,” he said. He blamed public slackness after the commencement of vaccination for the rapid spread of the virus.

Underlining the importance of facial masks, he claimed MASK for him is Mera Aapka Suraksha Kavach (my-yours protective gear). Volunteers could register themselves on government portal and helpline numbers for helping out government in Covid-19 measures including imposition of masks, vaccination and others, said Chouhan who will do his official works from the ‘satyagraha’ site.

He is also speaking to traders, health workers, Covid-19 volunteers and will speak to religious heads on Wednesday morning. Chouhan on the occasion launched the ‘Main hun corona volunteer’ campaign urging people to enrol as Covid-19 volunteers by either calling up 181 number or through State government portals.

These volunteers will be asked to help administration in various tasks including, inspiring the public for masks, helping out in medical care, helping the public in vaccination and others.

The Chief Minister is holding his Swasthya Agraha in a makeshift dome created inside Minto Hall where he will also keep completing his day-to-day functioning besides meeting representatives of various sections of the society.

Chouhan on Monday had held a roadshow in Bhopal urging locals for the importance of masks and other preventive measures. However, the drive had ended up leading to traffic jams and crowding at several places.

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