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Car plunges through roof, tries to get into bed with homeowners



If you make a habit of cruising first responders’ social media posts, you soon discover that cars plowing into houses or even landing on roofs is a regular thing. But few wayward drivers have achieved the sheer verticality or stuck the landing quite like this one in the St. Louis area, where the car went nose-first down into a house and landed at the foot of the homeowners’ bed.

“If you look at that crash it’s like, how did somebody not die?” Eureka, Mo., fire department spokesman Scott Barthelmass told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “It’s literally incredible. (The car was) literally just saucering through the air end-over-end.”

From the description, the car was quite the pinball. The crash happened around 1:30 a.m., when the car, traveling down a road called The Legends Parkway (and adding to the legends), left the road, hit a tree and tumbled end-over-end down an embankment, hit a wrought-iron fence, seemingly catapulted into the air, and then tried to snuggle up with the homeowners.

The newspaper said the homeowner had to douse a small fire with a garden hose. And the occupants of the car? Two teenage boys, KTVI reported, got out, seemingly unharmed. They had been attending a graduation party.

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