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As Ministers Talk End Of Pandemic, A Strong Warning From Doctors’ Body



The IMA warned against “a false sense of security” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

New Delhi:

After statements by Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan and Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain about nearing the “end of the pandemic”, the Indian Medical Association has cautioned politicians and the government about invoking a “false sense of security”.

“It is painful to note the discussion on endemic vs pandemic status of diseases is echoing in the political corridors, however it ought to be substantiated by scientific evidence by the World Health Organisation or ICMR only,” the top doctors’ body said in a statement.

Highlighting the deaths of 740 of its frontline workers to COVID-19, the IMA has urged “fellow citizens to be vigilant” about wearing masks and physical distancing.

“The last one week has shown 35 to 40 per cent increase in the number of cases from different parts of the state and even in capital India the daily average has risen up from 100 to 140 patients,” the IMA said.

“Let us not boast or trumpet ourselves,” the association said, warning about “unauthorized political statements”.

The medical body’s strong warning comes after Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan on Sunday said India is in the “endgame of the novel coronavirus pandemic” Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain said the pandemic is nearing the endemic phase in the national capital.

A pandemic is the spread of a disease beyond national borders, across a continent or even around the world while an endemic is the usual persistence of an infectious disease in a given region and affects a large part of the population.

Delhi has witnessed a marginal spike in the daily cases over the past few weeks while states like Maharashtra have warned of an “alarming” situation possible lockdowns in some districts.

India reported more than 18,000 daily cases for the third consecutive day on Monday with eight big states continuing to report a spike.

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