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Architect Builds Jet-Shaped Vehicle, Names It ‘Punjab Rafale’: Video

The jet-shaped vehicle is called ‘Punjab Rafale’

New Delhi:

An architect in Punjab has designed a jet-shaped vehicle and named it ‘Punjab Rafale’. Inspired by the Rafale fighter jets, the vehicle looks like an aircraft but cannot fly. It can run at a speed of 15 to 20 kmph and has been manufactured in Bathinda’s Rama Mandi.

The vehicle, that cost Rs 3 lakhs to build, is painted light blue and says ‘Ram Pal Airline’ on its ‘bonnet’, named after the architect. Some phone numbers, possibly of the architect, adorn the vehicle.

The vehicle has no roof; it has side view mirrors and is equipped with a windshield. There are stars painted at the back of the vehicle.

In a video, shared by news agency ANI, a man is at the wheel of the vehicle with a bunch of children mounted on it behind him. He then drives it at a low speed with several curious bystanders looking on.

The architect of the vehicle, Rampal Behaniwal, said that the vehicle will be displayed soon at a cultural park.

“People who can’t afford flying can fulfill their dream in some ways,” Mr Behaniwal told ANI about the vehicle being available to the public.

“Its name ‘Punjab Rafale’ is inspired from Rafale (jets),” he adds.

The first five Rafale aircraft of the Indian Air Force were formally inducted on September 10, 2020. India will have 17 Rafale jets by March this year and the entire fleet of the fighter aircraft bought by the country will reach by April 2022.

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