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Al Hachi Chicken: Kashmiri Recipe That Combines Chicken And Lauki In One Dish



Al Hachi chicken recipe is a must-try.

Chicken curry is an important part of Indian cuisine. Succulent chicken cooked in a pool of spices is relished in almost every region with some minor modifications as per the taste preference of the people of that particular area. But wherever you go, chicken curry will always win your heart. It is rich, spicy and full of flavours. And this special chicken dish – Al Hachi – from the valley of Kashmir offers you the same gastronomical experience you would expect from your favourite Indian chicken dish.

Al Hachi Chicken stands apart with the addition of bottle gourd (lauki). Surprised? Yes, this is one dish that brings together chicken and vegetarian-special lauki in a never-seen-before combo. Here, chicken is cooked in an onion mixture, spiced with whole spices as well as some powdered ones too. The recipe seems to be pretty simple except that you have to remember to use boiled and sun-dried bottle gourd. So, some preparation in advance is required for the Al Hachi Chicken recipe.

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Lauki is a popular food in Indian cuisine. 

How To Make Kashmiri Al Hachi Chicken I Al Hachi Chicken Recipe:

Click this link to view the detailed recipe of Al Hachi Chicken along with ingredients list.

To make this special chicken, first saute whole spices – cinnamon, green cardamom and black cardamom – and then stir-fry chopped onions. When it turns pink, add chicken pieces along with spices such as garlic, ginger, fennel seeds powder, red chilli powder turmeric powder and coriander powder. Lastly, add sun-dried bottle gourd and cook everything together. Don’t forget to garnish with some coriander leaves and desi ghee on top before serving.

If you love Indian-style chicken, this Kashmiri chicken recipe is a must-try.

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