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Akhilesh Yadav Lashes Out at UP CM Adityanath

Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav hit out at Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Thursday for turning the state into a “criminal zone”. The Former UP CM said that under the BJP government “criminals have become fearless” in the state.

“The criminals, who had earlier left the state have now returned and are fearlessly committing their criminal activities. They are not even afraid of the police. Uttar Pradesh, under the rule of the BJP, is now getting infamous as a criminal state,” he said.

“On resisting molestation bid in Badaun, a woman was fed acid in the Kadar Check area and her stomach stabbed with a knife. There is panic in the area due to this heinous scandal. A bullion trader Saraf was robbed by miscreants in Jabrapur village of Fatehganj police station area, in Banda. The police did not arrive until two hours after the information. After shooting the trader, the miscreants looted the jewels. In Hardoi, family members of a farmer were beaten and injured over a minor dispute,” he added.

Further, the SP Chief said, “In Moradabad, a miscreant kidnapped a three-year-old child playing outside the house. Later, her body was found. A child was kidnapped and killed at Panchkoshi Paigambarpur in Sarnath area of Varanasi. The police proved inactive in the kidnapping case. Police have become insensitive. In Unnao, a female had to take the body of her father and go to the SP office to seek justice after a property dispute with relatives. Police didn’t act firmly on the drunken hooligans at My Bar in Gomtinagar.”

Besides, he alleged that under the patronage of BJP, in fact, criminals are flourishing. “The names of BJP leaders themselves have come out in mining, illegal liquor and other undesirable activities. Anyway, this government takes decisions by keeping caste-religion in view. It acts with political malice and revenge. The public is angry and it is waiting for 2022 to change the situation.”

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