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Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB Office trailer gives you a roving professional workspace

Airstream is announcing a new floor plan for its large Flying Cloud 30FB trailer. It’s called the Office Travel Trailer, and it’s exactly what the name says it is. Essentially, there’s a fully functioning office inside the trailer now.

This 30-foot beast would typically feature a sleeping area with a bunk bed in the rear corner. Airstream has removed this and replaced it with a cozy office space for the roving workers of the world out there. It’s definitely no big, corner office, but this new floor plan will make using an Airstream as your primary work location much better.

The work area has a specially designed chair that slides in and out of a recessed groove (saves space) in the desk — it can be strapped down during travel. Airstream’s desk looks wide enough to comfortably hold a couple monitors. It also features grommets for mounting monitors and organizing cables. A second table can be pulled out or hidden away depending on how you’d like to set the space up. Airstream says there are several USB ports located throughout the desk area, and there’s both a pop-up USB and AC outlet on the desktop. Satellite TV and HDMI outlets are also accessible.

Sliding drawers and storage cubbies to the left of the desk can store your office supplies. Plus, overhead storage cabinets offer additional space and feature dry erase surfaces. LED work lights are mounted to the bottom of these overhead cabinets. But in case you’d like natural light, there are three windows in the space, offering views out the back and sides of the trailer. If you prefer to work in darkness, Airstream says these windows are fitted with blackout curtains. You can put up a privacy divider in the trailer to separate your back office from other trailer occupants.

Everything else about the big Airstream is the same as before. Up to six people can sleep in it without the rear bunk bed. You can place an order for the trailer with its new office plan now. It has a starting price of $107,500 — keep in mind that what you’re buying is basically a small home. Dealers will start to receive inventory in the coming weeks if you want to go check one of the office-plan trailers out.

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