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After LPG Price Hike, Congress Holds Presser With Cylinders On Table

The Congress has demanded that the LPG and fuel price hikes be rolled back

New Delhi:

A day after the centre hiked the price of LPG cylinders in the national capital by Rs 50 – a non-subsidised cylinder will now cost Rs 769 – the Congress has lashed out at “Narendra Modi’s ruthless and immoral government… is breaking the back of every housewife and common man”.

The opposition party drove its point home at a press conference Monday morning, which began with two 14.2 LPG cylinders – the non-subsidised units of which have seen four price hikes over the past three months – being hoisted atop the briefing table.

“Narendra Modi’s ruthless and immoral government is not only being unjust to farmers, but is now breaking the back of every housewife and common man,” the Congress’ Supriya Shrinate said

“In 10 days, the price of LPG (liquified petroleum gas) cylinder has increased by Rs 75. On February 4 it was increased by Rs 25 and now from February 15, it has been increased by Rs 50,” she added.

“Not only this, since December 2020 the price has increased by by Rs 175… in 2 months… you will remember there were two increases of Rs 50,” she added, “This cylinder (gesturing to one on the table) which sold in Delhi for Rs 594 in December, today sells for Rs 769.”

Presently, the centre subsidises purchase of 12 cylinders of 14.2 kg each per household every year. The customer has to make any additional purchases of LPG cylinders at the market price.

The Congress demands, Ms Shrinate said, that the centre roll back the price hikes and the increase in excise duty, which was imposed earlier this month during the union budget presentation.


The party also flagged petrol and diesel prices; both were hiked today for a seventh straight day.

“As you all know, petrol and diesel prices have crossed Rs 100… whether it is petrol, diesel or LPG prices, it affects both the rich and the poorest… but the government does not care,” she said, pointing out the centre has raised excise duties a dozen times so far and earned Rs 24 lakh crore.

“The same excise duty in our government was Rs 3.50 per litre for diesel (it is now Rs 32 per litre). For petrol it was Rs 9 per litre (it is now Rs 33 per litre). Only by withdrawing this, will the general public will get huge relief,” the Congress spokesperson said.

Earlier today Congress MP Rahul Gandhi also spoke out against the price hike, accusing the Narendra Modi government of “looting from the public”.

Mr Gandhi tweeted in Hindi: “Janta se loot, sirf ‘do’ ka vikaas” and tore into Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas‘ – his mantra for inclusive development.

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