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After Jaan Kumar Sanu’s Remark On Marathi Language, TV Channel Apologises

Jaan Kumar Sanu in a still from Bigg Boss 14. (courtesy ColorsTV)


  • Jaan asked Nikki Tamboli not to speak in Marathi
  • Colors TV issued an apology on Wednesday
  • The format of the show requires all contestants to speak in Hindi

New Delhi:

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Jaan Kumar Sanu, once again became the centre of unsolicited attention after Tuesday’s episode of the popular TV reality show aired. The singer, during his interaction with fellow Bigg Boss 14 contestant and friend Nikki Tamboli said that if she wishes to speak with him, then she shouldn’t speak in Marathi. Meanwhile, on Wednesday evening, Colors TV, the channel on which the show airs, issued an apology regarding the remarks made by the singer during Tuesday’s episode. “We at Colors apologise for the remarks in relation to Marathi language made on Bigg Boss episode aired on Tuesday 27th October. We had no intentions of hurting sentiments of the people of Maharashtra,” read the statement.

Read Colors TV’s apology note here:

During Tuesday’s episode of Bigg Boss 14, Jaan Kumar Sanu told Nikki Tamboli, “Marathi mei mat baat kar, mere saamne mat baat kar, merko chidh hoti hai. Sunaauga terko, mere saamne Marathi mei mat baat kar. Dum hai toh Hindi mei bol warna mat baat kar, chid machti hai merko (Don’t speak in Marathi in front of me, it annoys me. Speak in Hindi).” The format of the show requires all the contestants to strictly communicate in Hindi. Any contestant found speaking in any other language besides Hindi is given a reminder and at times also punished.

Jaan, son of veteran playback singer Kumar Sanu, occupied a spot on the list of trends earlier this week after fellow contestant and singer Rahul Vaidya nominated him for this week’s eviction, calling him a product of “nepotism.” While nominating Jaan, Rahul Vaidya said, “I would like to nominate Jaan Kumar Sanu because I hate nepotism. Whoever has come on the show, they’ve come on the basis of their hard work. Jaan is on the show because he’s someone’s son.”

Responding to Rahul’s “nepotism” remark, Jaan said, “I’m fortunate that my Mr Kumar Sanu is my father. Not everybody is that lucky. Unfortunate for you.” He later explained that his parents got separated when he was very young and that he has been raised by his mother.

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