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After Instruction from PM Modi, BJP Now Busy Making the Vaccination Drive Successful



New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi has led the whole period when the country has been under the severe grip of the Corona pandemic from the front. Be it containing the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) or the lockdown and later, making of the Corona vaccine and helping other countries of the world. PM Modi has been directing the whole thing from the front and has given new direction to the fight against the Covid-19. It can be fairly said that PM Modi has not shied away from any confrontation and nothing has been able to stop him. He has proved to be a warrior who has set precedents in the world and this is not at all any exaggeration.

And now it’s time for vaccination.

PM Modi has ensured that first the vaccine should be given to corona warriors and then to the elderly people. Now it’s time to take the vaccination drive to every nook and corner of the country and with this, the PM has once again shifted the gears to speed up the process.

According to the instructions from PM Modi, now all BJP MPs and the whole party apparatus are busy in making the vaccination drive successful.

In the meeting of the BJP parliamentary party last week, PM Modi instructed all the party MPs to go to their respective constituencies and participate in making the vaccination drive successful.

According to an estimate, there are around a total of 20,000 corona vaccination centres in the country. All the MPs, party functionaries and the whole network of the party have been pressed into service in all such vaccination centers. The Rajya Sabha MP of the BJP, Dr Anil Jain, has been appointed coordinator of this initiative. On March 11 and 12, all MPs were told via video conferencing about how they can help in taking the vaccination drive forward in their areas.

Every group to have 100 MPs

All the MPs of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha have been divided into 4 groups and each group will have 100 MPs. These MPs have been told that all of them have to participate in mass contact programmes with the people. They have been told not only to talk to the people so that any fear about the vaccination in their mind could be removed, but they have also encouraged people and brought them to the vaccination centers.

Apart from this, they have to create a help desk at the vaccination centers which will be manned by the party workers. They will be there till the vaccination programme lasts.

All these help desks have to have BJP flags and photos of PM Modi. They have to arrange and bring elderly and poor people to the vaccination centers. These centers must have facilities for drinking water, tea, biscuits and snacks. The important thing is that PM Modi himself is monitoring this mega plan of vaccination.

All the leaders have been instructed to send the report of their works to the National President of the party. This means, PM Modi is again leading from the front so that the fight against the coronavirus could be taken to the final conclusion.

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