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“Achievements Of Past 7 Years Are Those Of The Nation”: PM Modi



Mann Ki Baat: Many have written in thanking the nation for power and road connection, PM Modi said.

New Delhi:

Several people from various places have been writing in to thank the nation for their village having finally received power and road connection after 70 years of independence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today. Highlighting the achievements of the seven years since he took power, he referred to them as laurels belonging to the country and his countrymen.

“…we are on the right track,” PM Modi said on his monthly Mann Ki Baat radio talk show marking the seventh year of his tenure as Prime Minister.

He pointed out that in seven decades since independence, only 3.5 crore rural homes had water connections; yet, in the past 21 months of his governance, 4.5 crore more families had been added to this category.

“So many people…thank the nation for their sons and daughters being able to sit and study under electric lights and fans. So many people say that ‘our village, too, is now connected to the city through a good road’,” he said.

It was in May 2014 that he became the country’s Premier, having won the election with a full majority for any party after almost three decades. His winning catchphrase, “Achhe Din” (Good days), had symbolised hope for his voters.

The BJP has, however, decided to tone down celebrations marking the seven years milestone, given the Covid conditions prevailing in the country.

“The achievements of the past seven years have been those of the nation’s and its people. Together, we have experienced so many moments of national pride,” PM Modi said.

“We feel pride seeing that India now walks its own path and not under the views and pressures of other nations. Our confidence grows when India strongly answers those who try to conspire against it,” he said.

He also said that when India resolves its own age-old quagmires like Article 370 and Ayodhya, refuses to compromise on its security interests and when its forces grow in strength, the country feels it is on the right track.

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