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Achaari Chicken Served With Khichdi: This Strange Dish Will Win Your Heart



This chicken and khichdi meal is worth a try.

If masala chicken is one of the best dishes on Indian non-veg menu, khichdi is at the forefront of simple Indian vegetarian repertoire. Can you image what would happen if you combine these two meals? The unusual fusion meal will surprise you at first but will win your heart within seconds. Seriously! A unique meal like no other – achaari murgh with desi ghee khichdi is a great option to put your creativity to rest and enjoy an exceptional meal for a change of taste and a typical Indian meal experience. Fusion dishes don’t always work, but this one really does. Try it to believe it.

Achaari Murgh:

Achaari murgh is a popular chicken dish in which chicken pieces are marinated and cooked in a pool of pickled masalas. In this recipe, the chicken is flavoured with spicy red chilli pickle paste after cooking in tandoor for that invigorating smoky aroma and deep tandoori flavours. 

Desi Ghee Khichdi:

The better half of this meal – khichdi – is made with toor dal and basmati rice in desi ghee. It is flavoured with lots of common Indian spices like ginger, garlic, cumin seeds, green chillies, Kashmiri red chilli powder, chaat masala and more. 

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Khichdi is a popular Indian dish. 

Achaari Murgh With Desi Ghee Khichdi: The Combination

Both the meals from two different worlds are brought together to create a perfect symphony of flavours, aroma and texture.

Here’s the complete recipe of achaari murgh with desi ghee khichdi meal.

The simple amalgamation of achaari murgh and khichdi is made special by the garnishing of creamy hung curd and lemon juice, and a side serving of fried Banarasi aloo papad and masala moong dal that complements all the other flavours like a pro. 

Do try this unique khichdi with spicy chicken recipe and let us know how you liked it. And welcome for the superb recipe!

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