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Abhishek Banerjee Tells TMC Workers at Rally



File photo of Trinamool Congress MP Abhishek Banerjee.

The TMC workers suspected that the BJP was trying to disrupt their rally by sending ambulances down that road.

Abhishek Banerjee, Lok Sabha MP from West Bengal’s Diamond Harbour and Trinamool Congress leader, asked his party cadres to not let politics come in the way of medical emergency, at a rally in his constituency on Friday.

The Trinamool Congress heavyweight was holding a rally in Diamond Harbour in support of his party candidate from the same assembly seat, Pannalal Haldar. When he started addressing the huge gathering of supporters near the Diamond Harbour station, two ambulances passed through the adjacent National Highway number 116. He asked his party workers to give way to the ambulances.

Taking a dig at BJP Abhishek Banerjee said, “This is the difference between us and the BJP. When an ambulance enters Dilip Ghosh’s rally, he asks the ambulance to find another way. But a man’s life is important for us. We will face a little trouble. I will stop for five minutes.”

The TMC party workers suspected that the BJP was trying to disrupt their rally by sending the sirens as two more ambulances passed through the road. The siren of the ambulances disrupted the speech of Abhishek Banerjee. But he asked his party workers to keep ambulances above politics.

“There is no point in seeing BJP, CPM in the ambulance. Let the ambulances go. People will answer through their votes. Even if it is an empty car, leave it. I have a lot of patience, if needed I can wait till tomorrow morning,” he said.

Taking a dig at the former TMC leader from the constituency, Dipak Haldar, who recently joined BJP, Banerjee said, “During his TMC days also he had not served the people of Diamond Harbour. People are aware of his nature and nobody will cast his vote in his favour.” Dipak Haldar is contesting this time with a BJP ticket.

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