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A wrong turn on Kia Canada’s website can lead to some Soul searching

We all hate it when we click on a link only to find an “Error 404” message, telling us the URL sent us to a page that no longer exists or never existed in the first place. Kia Canada, though, has made this frustrating experience a bit more fun by providing users with a Where’s Waldo?-type game in which you look for a Kia Soul hidden in a densely packed illustration with hundreds of elements.

That’s right, Kia wants you to do some Soul searching, and there are three randomly generated 404 pages for your enjoyment. Discovered by a user on Reddit, each one asks you to explore the scene for a top-spec Soul GT-Line. Naturally, to up the difficulty level the white Soul is in a snow-packed ski resort, while the blue soul is in a seaside setting with plenty of cerulean pixels.

The scenes are also packed with Easter eggs. The ocean scene has a giant drain plug beneath the waves, and a couple acting out the iconic “Titanic prow scene on a sunken ship, for example. A quick glimpse of the alien scene reveals a roadhouse at the end of the universe, a UFO stealing the Canadian Parliament’s Centre Block, and a human in a zoo. Every one has multiple Canadian culture references, with everything from curling to moose to Mounties.

We should note that the full illustrations might not appear on your browser by default. You may have to maximize the browser or save the photo to see the full-size versions.

In any case, it’s an entertaining way to kill a few minutes, and a rare opportunity for a company to do something clever and creative on its corporate website.

Hat tip to Motor1.

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