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A Reddit User Has The Perfect Trick To Keep Your Food Safe Whilst Living With Roommates



Are you one of those people who saves the last slice of pizza in your fridge and looks forward to eating it the next day, only to find that someone has already eaten it? Do you live with siblings who are constantly vying to finish that last popsicle stick you want? Or do you have roommates who constantly keep eating your food? Well look no further, a Reddit user has found a quirky solution to this dilemma. The user who goes by the name LoneDesign, posted an image of, presumably, their refrigerator with an industrious looking keypad lock. The image was shared along with a hilariously sincere and relatable caption, “Was tired of getting my food raided. All secure now”.

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The unconventional solution for saving food from being eaten by other people received 1.7k upvotes on the platform. It also gave rise to fun comments and discussions on the funny hack. With several users guessing the possible lock combination to others revealing alternate methods of breaking open the fridge without the combination.

“Types 111,” said one user that led to the owner of the post to reply cheekily with “sheesh! Now, I gotta change it.” Another left an amusing comment saying,  “All I can see is somebody using C4 on your door to raid your fridge.” The most hilarious comment was, “I assume there’s a shotgun trap on the other side of that door?” 

During the lockdown, when everyone is at home it is very relatable that the food you wanted to eat gets eaten by your roommate, sibling or even parents. Tell us would you use this unconventional and funny trick to keep your delicious items from getting into the wrong hands? Let us know in the comments. 

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