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85,000 Covid Cases In Second Wave, Most Asymptomatic: Mumbai Civic Body




The second wave of coronavirus in Maharashtra started on February 10 and till March 20, Mumbai logged 85,000 cases, said Iqbal Chahal, the Commissioner of Brihanmumbai corporation, the civic body of Mumbai. Of the total number of cases, 69,500 are asymptomatic, he added. The remaining 8,000 patients reached hospitals with mild symptoms. In the current cycle, the city might see 6000 to 7000 cases a day. The current positivity rate is 14 per cent.

Mumbai recorded 5,890 cases yesterday but because reporting and testing is less on Sunday, the numbers dropped.

“We are going to increase our testing to 60,000 by Thursday. So figure can go to 10,000. But nothing to worry… most are asymptomatic,” he said.  

The BMC chief admitted that there are certain limitations on the RT-PCR tests. “Right now, we are conducting more than 25,000 RT-PCR tests. We would love to go further, but we have exhausted our capacity,” he added.

At the current rate, the city will need 1,400 to 1,500 beds daily.

Assuring there is sufficient number of beds, he said, “We have acquired additional number of beds and also in private hospitals. So people requiring private hospitals will also now have beds”.

By next Monday, 7,000 beds will be available in private hospitals, he said. There is also sufficient number of ventilators and ICU beds available.

Mr Chahal, who got his first dose of vaccination today, said till yesterday, 10 lakh people have been vaccinated. The target is to give vaccine to 1 lakh people per day, the current number is around 45,000.

Most of the vaccination is happening in hospitals run by the Brihanmumbai Corporation and the government. The Maharashtra government, he added, is requesting the Centre to administer vaccine door-to-door.

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