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6 Veg Foods For Immunity You Should Load Up On




  • Immunity cannot be built in a day
  • Maintaining a good diet could help boost immunity
  • You should include more vitamin C rich foods in your diet

‘Is it okay to switch on the fan’, ‘would I need this jacket’, ‘what if it gets cold later’- if these are the questions that are plaguing your mind right now, then you are not alone! The season is changing, and while we are very happy to leave the chilly weather behind. It is this little period of transition that has got us all worked up. We all know it is a tricky time, our immunity often tends to take a beating around this period. Instances of cold, cough and fever are on the rise – and it is not a good sign. If you are facing any of these symptoms, it is best to stay indoors to contain the spread of infection. There are plenty of foods that could also help you manage the symptoms, or help you combat the risk of developing infections. 

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Here are 6 vegetarian recipes you should include in your diet today:

1. Tomato Peppercorns Clear Soup

If you thought only chicken soup is good for managing cold, you cannot be further from the truth. Since soups are mostly consumed hot, it helps decongest the nose and provide relief to inflamed throat. What you add to your soup further adds to its health quotient. So, do not shy away from adding all kinds of veggies and spices. This comes with the goodness of plump tomatoes. Click for the recipe.

tomato soup

Tomatoes are packed with lycopene

2. Immunity Booster juice

The easy-peasy carrot, apple, and orange juice is so yummy that you would like to think about your health more than you ever have. In addition to being rich in antioxidants, vitamins and vital minerals, this juice also helps cleanse your body of toxins. Click for the recipe.

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3. Ginger-mulethi chai:

This healing herbal tea made with the goodness of ginger and liquorice can not only provide instant relief but also help combat infection naturally. Make sure you serve it hot, if you think the tea lacks flavour, opt for honey over sugar for the best effect. Click for the recipe.


Ginger tea is very good for inflamed throat

4. Turmeric-Jaggery Halwa:

This sweet and intensely flavoured halwa is a treasure trove of health benefits. Turmeric, India’s golden spice, is now a global sensation for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties. It is also known to heal discomfort that comes along with cold, cough and flu. Meanwhile, jaggery is a vitamin-rich alternative to sugar that is linked with good immunity too. Click for the recipe.

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5. Gajar-Methi Ki Sabzi: 

It is time to make the most of these winter veggies while they are still around. The antiviral and antibacterial properties of carrots are widely known. They are brimming with vitamin A, C and B6 that helps fight disease-causing free radical activity. Methi or fenugreek leaves are also immensely packed with healthy antioxidants. Click for the recipe.

6. Palak Dal Khichdi: 

This wholesome and yummy khichdi spells comfort in every bite. Spinach is replete with antioxidants especially vitamin C that help ward off the risk of flu. It is also incredibly loaded with zinc that is also known to play a key role in boosting immune function. This one-pot meal also comes with the goodness of moong dal, pair it with curd or pickle and slurp. Click for the recipe.



Khichdi is a one-pot meal
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Try these recipes and let us know how you liked them in the comments section below.

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