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6 Easy Veg South Indian Breakfast Recipes You Must Try

One of the most important meals of the day, breakfast is often not given the due it deserves. Most of the days we settle for toasted bread and eggs, and on days we are running late, we do not think twice to skip even that. Turns out, making breakfast every day is not that cumbersome an affair, provided we have all the ingredients and the right recipe at our disposal. Here we have listed six of our favourite South Indian breakfast recipes. South India is renowned for its wide range of breakfast foods and snacks, as it is for its vegetarian options. So what are you waiting for, it is time to bookmark some stellar recipes.

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Here Are 6 Easy Veg South Indian Breakfast Recipes That You Must Try:

1. Upma
Upma is quite possibly one of the most popular breakfast foods of India. Made with urad dal, semolina, vegetables and curd, this yummy mishmash is diet-friendly too. Here is the recipe.

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Upma is a popular breakfast food

2. Suji Idli
Soft and puffy idlis are enough to cheer us up at any given point in the day. Serve it to us for breakfast, and we may (finally) start liking early mornings, after all! This instant suji idli goes best with sambhar or chutney of any kind, get ready to drool. Click here for the recipe.

3. Rava Dosa
No fermentation, no fuss. This instant rava dosa is best start you can give to your day. All you need are 30 minutes and some common ingredients like sooji, maida, jeera etc. Slurping already? Try this yummy recipe!


Dosa is a crispy crepe-like dish

4. Oats Uttapam
Uttapam with a high-protein twist? Yes, please! It is said you should include more protein in your breakfast, as it helps fill you up and prevent urge to over-eat. The batter for this unique uttapam is made with a combination of oats, suji and yogurt. The veggies you choose are up to you. This recipe uses a bunch of fresh tomatoes, capsicum and onions. Click here for the recipe.

5. Coconut Rice
Can’t figure out what to do with last night’s left-over rice? Why not spruce it up and have it for breakfast. This easy coconut rice made with goodness of grated coconut, peanuts, curry leaves, mustard seed and cumin seeds is a powerhouse of flavour and texture. Click here for the recipe.

6. Easy Medu Vada
This crispy, deep-fried snack is as famous for its taste as it is for its shape. Resembling a doughnut, medu vada can actually be made in a matter of minutes, and we have just the right recipe to help you do so. Grind soaked urad dal, season it with salt and chillies, make a fine paste, shape it using your palms and fry until crisp. Watch the recipe video.


medu vada can be made at home as well

Try these recipes and let us know which recipe you enjoyed the best.

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