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6 Classic North Indian Veg Lunch Recipes That Rule Our Heart

Do you also find yourself staring at your clock around afternoon wondering if it is too soon to break for lunch? Guess what, you are not alone. We love a nice, wholesome lunch and also planning about it. One of the key challenges for planning lunch is to start with narrowing down a few things. You must be aware of how loaded your pantry is and how much time can you invest in the kitchen. Another factor is the cuisine. If you have been craving a typical North Indian fare for a while, then fret not. We have listed six of our all-time favourite veg recipes that always tug at our heartstrings.

6 Classic North Indian Veg Lunch Recipes

1. Matar Pulao:

The mildly spiced rice dish with crunchy matar (or peas) is a delightful recipe that can be paired with just about anything. The pulao is so flavourful on its own that sometimes it does not even need an accompaniment. Make the delish recipe yourself, here’s the link.

The mildly spiced rice dish with crunchy matar (or peas) is a delightful recipe

2. Shahi Paneer:

You saw this coming; didn’t you? It is not possible to imagine a quintessential North Indian spread without this creamy dish. ‘Shahi’ in Shahi Paneer stands for royal. Given the dry fruits and cream used in the making, we cannot think of a name more befitting.  Click here for the recipe.

3. Dum Aloo:

We don’t need any convincing to eat more potatoes. If there is spicy dum aloo lying anywhere around us, we wouldn’t think twice to drop everything and have it. Half-boiled potatoes cooked in delish, chilly tomato-based gravy – dum aloo is just irresistible. The tempting dish goes best with roti. Click here for the recipe. 

banarasi dum aloo

Dum aloo is a classic veg preparation we all love.

4. Pindi Chana:

Chickpea tossed in a pool of rustic masalas, Pindi chana is one of the most beloved North Indian recipes of all times. This classic dish has semi-dry consistency and is beautiful reddish-brown in colour. You can pair it with bhatura or kulcha. Click here for the recipe.


Pindi chana is very easy to make

5. Punjabi Kadhi Pakoda:

There is no dearth of kadhi preparations around the country. Punjabi kadhi-pakoda is a fascinating dish made with a combination of besan and tangy yogurt. Pakodas or fritters are often added to kadhi to make the dish more wholesome in terms of flavour and texture. Kadhi-pakoda is best paired with rice. Here’s the recipe.

6. Dal Tadka:

It is spicy, soothing, and comes loaded with nostalgia. Dal Tadka is one of the easiest recipes you can make at home, and it will always find takers. Another quality about this dal tadka is that it is made without a single drop of oil. Calorie-counters, you don’t want to miss this. Here’s the recipe.

Try these recipes at home and do not forget to tell us about other recipes that you love or would like us to feature.

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