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5 Simple Tips To Make Homemade Omelette Tastier And Fluffier



When you want a filling breakfast in just a matter of minutes, eggs come handy. One can have them boiled or half fried. But when it comes to preparing an omelette, not many can reach that benchmark of a perfect omelette. Ideally, this item is considered to be flawless only when it is fluffy. If you have been making tasty omelettes yet struggling to add the fluffiness to them, fret not. We are here with these 5 tips to score a ten on ten in the omelette department.

A fluffy omelette is considered to be the sign of a good chef. 

Here Are 5 Simple Tips To Make Your Omelette Tastier And Fluffier

1. Add tiny amounts of milk or cream while preparing the batter. This will help the omelette fluff up in the desired way.

2. Use butter. Make sure you put melted butter on the pan before you add eggs. Eggs should be added to the pan only after the bubbles from the heated butter die down.

3. Another important tip is to whisk the egg white and yolk separately till they thicken. You can later fold the yolks in the whites with a dash of salt and pepper.

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Egg whites and yolks can be whisked separately for a fluffier omelette. 

4. Adding plain carbonated water or soda water to the whisked eggs is another trick to make a fluffy omelette.

5. Try not to add too many heavy toppings. Using ingredients like cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms or onions can help it stay light and fluffy.

Not just breakfast but you can now have omelette even as a loaded evening snack. Try this recipe of pocket-size cheese omelette which is creamy and tasty. A sprinkle of various spices and the goodness of spinach can give it a nutritious twist.  Mumbai-style masala omelette pav is another yummy recipe, we bet you will love to prepare at home.

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Reinvent your usual omelette with our interesting recipes. 

Now, that you have a couple of mouth-watering omelette recipes and tips to make them fluffier, what are you waiting for?

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