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5 North Indian Street Foods That Taste Just As Good When Made At Home



We have a simple rule, anyone who scoffs at the idea of ‘street food’ cannot be our friend. While yes, it is important that you only stand by the stalls you trust, but to dismiss an entire gamut of delicacies that you haven’t even explored entirely is unfair. Common stereotypes like Indian street food is oily or spicy could be at blame here. But we have figured out a solution too. There are plenty of delicious street foods that are so simple that they can be recreated at home as well. That’s right, in this list we pay our ode to the recipes that kept us enthralled through the past year (simply because we have made it so many times at home during the lockdown). Recipes we love, recipes that we have now mastered. 

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Here are 5 North Indian Street Food Recipes that taste equally good when made at home.:

1. Aloo Tikki

Crispy, crunchy potato patty served with a smattering of yogurt, chutneys and masalas. This tempting snack is one of the crown jewels of North India’s street food fare. Here’s how you can make it at home for you and your entire family.

Aloo tikki is crispy, crunchy potato patty served with a smattering of yogurt,

2. Mirchi Vada

Rajasthan and its love affair with spicy food is no strange fiction. One of the massively popular snacks hailing from the land of royals is this mirchi vada. It is essentially one big batter-fried pepper stuffed with a spicy potato mixture. Here is a detailed recipe.

3. Dahi Bhalla

A perfect snack for this scorching weather. In this classic snack, spongy bhallas or lentil dumplings are smeared with yogurt, chutneys and spices. You can also add some crunchy boondis or papdis to elevate the overall flavour and texture of the dish. Here’s a recipe. 

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Dahi bhalla is a perfect snack for this scorching weather.

4. Kulle Ki Chaat

This terrific street food is another street food marvel of Delhi. Here fruits and vegetables like watermelon or sweet potatoes are cut and hollowed in such a manner that they start resembling mini bowls or ‘kulle’. These are then stuffed with a delightful chickpea mixture. Here is a lovely recipe.

5. Pyaaz Kachodi

This deep-fried puffy, savoury pastry is filled with a mixture of caramelized onions and spices. Delicious street food from Rajasthan, Pyaaz Kachori is served with both chilly and sweet chutney. Here’s a recipe.


This deep-fried puffy kachori is sure to delight everyone

Try these recipes and let us know how you liked them in the comment section below.

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