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5 Fruits and Vegetables You Must Wash Before Eating And How To Do It



While the pandemic has certainly scared us from buying things from outside, we have made it an conscious practice to wash everything we buy. Whether you buy your fruits and vegetables from the local market, or the grocery store packed in plastic layers, the first thing you do is wash them under a running tap. Sometimes, you may also put them in a bucket of water and rinse it out, but guess what, sometimes even that might not be enough to clean the vegetables or fruits properly. Our safety practices might have increased more since the pandemic started, but some foods still need extra attention.

Here We Have 5 Fruits And Vegetables That You Must Wash Before Eating. And Some Handy Tips To Do So.

1. Mushrooms:

The wild mushrooms you buy from your sabzi wala bhaiya are grown and covered in dust. It goes on without saying that the dust and dirt cling on the skin of the mushroom. First, to clean them properly, remove the layers of dirt with the help of tissue paper and then wash them under a running tap. Lightly scrub the dirt areas under the water to get clean mushrooms. If you still feel that they are unclean, then boil the mushrooms before cooking them. Check out these Mushroom recipes to make at home!

Mushrooms can be used in a variety of dishes and gives a unique texture to your food.

2. Lettuce:

Whether the lettuce came from a backyard garden, local market, or a grocery store, it may carry a risk of a food-borne disease or dirt that needs to be washed out. To clean the lettuce properly, first cut the lettuce stem and pat dry the leaves with a towel. After that rinse the leaves and dip them in a bowl of cold water so that the crispiness of the lettuce stays! Have a look at these popular lettuce recipes. 


Put your lettuce in cold water to keep them crispy. 

3. Potatoes:

Potatoes are covered in dust and dirt from the ground and cleaning them properly can be challenging. Even after washing it for a few rounds, there is a possibility that the dirt would be stuck on it. First of all, remove the dirt with the help of a brush and then scrub the potatoes well under running water for most of the dust to come out.

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You would have to scrub the potatoes roughly for the dust to come out.

4. Kiwi:

Although kiwi is delicious, the fuzzy skin of this fruit can pick up a lot of dirt. You’ll need to clean off any dirt or bacteria that would have accumulated on the fruit. It may also contain pesticides, so if you want to eat the peel, you should buy organic fruit. A firm scrub brush is required to clean kiwi fruit. Wash the fruit under cold water and scrub the kiwi skin to remove any particles. After scrubbing, thoroughly rinse the kiwi and pat dry with a towel or paper towel.

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As yummy as kiwi tastes, always look for the dust particles on the skin. 

5. Berries:

The majority of berries should not be scrubbed until they are ready to use. Excess water can cause delicate fruits to spoil prematurely. Turn on the cold water in your sink, but make sure the flow is gentle. Some of the berries may be crushed if the water stream is too strong. Then, briefly submerge the filter in running water until all of the berries are wet.

Next time when you buy your vegetables or fruits, look for the tiny dirt patches that can be hard to remove.

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