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5 Free Android Apps That You Must Try in April 2021



We use multiple apps on a daily basis, and yet, somehow, we tend to miss out on a tonne of useful apps. That’s why we’ve been highlighting some awesome apps for you to try every month. Our list of the best free Android apps for April 2021 has an excellent photo editor, an app that lets you use your notification centre as a place for reminders, and one that gives your status bar superpowers that you never even dreamed of. Here’s our list of the best free Android apps for April 2021.

1. Touch Retouch

Editing photos can be tedious and complicated. However, this app makes things a lot easier. Touch Retouch can remove unwanted lines, objects, blemishes and more with just a single tap. You can select the particular object which you don’t want to be seen on the image and use the tools provided by the app to remove the object without leaving any traces.

All those hours that went into editing a simple photo just to remove a line that you somehow missed while clicking the picture can also be removed with the help of the Line Removal tool. We’ve found this app to have some Photoshop-grade tools, which is great.

2. Selection

Selection lets you select a particular sentence or paragraph from an article which you can then turn into a reminder. After you’ve selected your paragraph, you can just choose the Put in NC option and thereafter that particular paragraph will be pinned to your notification centre. It becomes a very effective reminder for tasks that you have to complete.

The app logs every paragraph, which you can check out on its homepage and you can also add new reminders from there.

3. Super Status Bar

The status bar holds so many toggles and shortcuts. What if we tell you that you can bring a couple of them outside with just a simple gesture? Super Status Bar helps you customise your notification panel in a way that not only makes it attractive but also creates some shortcuts that can save you a lot of time.

You can change the look of your status bar to that of iOS, Android 10 or maybe some customised themes that the app has preloaded. You can even add gestures to the status bar such as adjusting the brightness or the media volume and many other useful features.

4. Touch Locker

Have you ever been in a situation where you are watching a series or a video and you accidentally skip forward 10 seconds? Yes, we know, it is very annoying. While some media players give you an option that allows you to lock your screen whilst watching any media, some don’t bother. For media players that don’t have this option, Touch Locker is your solution.

With just a single tap you can lock your screen and enjoy watching the content without any interruptions. You can unlock the screen from the notification panel after you are done watching the video.

5. Quick Cursor

It’s getting harder to reach the top half of your smartphone’s screens, thanks to manufacturers who’ve always been aiming to increase the size of phone displays. Quick Cursor helps you reach the farthest corners with just a simple swipe from either side of your device. After swiping, a small cursor comes on the screen which you can then direct towards your destination and then click on the cursor again to open an app or play music, among other actions.

It has a lot of customisation settings as well. However, most of them are paid. If you end up enjoying the app, you can consider upgrading to the premium version.

Which is your favourite free Android app? Let us know via the comments.

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