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5 Amla Summer Coolers That May Boost Immunity And Keep You Cool



Since the Covid-19 pandemic has made us more aware of our health, we have started to consume more immunity drinks or kadhas. As boosting our immunity becomes the number one priority in times of crises, our food habits have also changed for the better. Adding foods enriched in various nutrients and vitamins has indeed been fruitful when taken in the right amounts. And as this fight with Covid-19 continues, we bring you various summer amla coolers to try this season! Amla’s bitter taste might not be your favourite, but it has more benefits than one can think of. This drink can do wonders if you are consistent in having it.

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Health Benefits Of Amla

Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry, is a popular fruit in India. It is a nutrient-dense food that can improve your overall health. Amla is known to be high in vitamin C, which can enhance immunity and is also beneficial to your skin and hair. It might also help regulate blood sugar levels, improve vision, digestion, and aid weight loss. Amla juice is also known to cure illnesses.

Amla gives strength to hair and is known to promote hair growth

While amla has several benefits, most of us don’t like the bitterness of the green fruit. This betterness is also one of the reasons why people don’t drink amla daily. But to change that, we bring summer amla coolers to keep you cool in this weather and boost your immunity.

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Here Are 5 Summer Amla Coolers To Try:

1. Amla Lemonade:

You must be used to drinking your regular lemonade, sometimes sweet and other times salty. But this amla lemonade could be more beneficial than what you usually drink. Firstly, take one-fourth cup of amla juice and add one tablespoon of lemon juice and sugar. Mix these ingredients well and then pour a cup of cold water from above and enjoy your amla lemonade.


Amla lemonade could be more beneficial to you

2. Amla Lassi:

The sweet taste of lassi with the bitter amla might sound like a weird combination, but not to worry much, drinking amla lassi could also be tasty and healthier. You would require one-fourth cup of amla juice, half cup of curd, half cup of water, one tablespoon sugar, one teaspoon of cumin seed powder and dried mint leaves. First, put the amla juice, curd, water and sugar and blender in a blender and combine. Then pour this drink into a glass, and from the top, add the cumin and crushed mint leaves.


Lassi can help you stay hydrated and cool in summer

3. Carrot Amla Juice:

This refreshing drink could be an addition to the regular juices you drink. The sweet and tangy flavour of this juice is energising and could help in boosting your immunity. Take one carrot, one-fourth cup of amla juice, one tablespoon of honey, one cup of water and crushed mint leaves. In a blender, add chopped carrot and amla juice and blend it. Then add honey and remix it. In the end, water and pour it in your glass and garnish with mint leaves.


The sweet and tangy flavour of this juice is energising

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4. Amla Aam Panna:

Who doesn’t love a chilling glass of aam panna? This yummy sweet, and salty drink is one of the things we all like to have in the summer. To make amla aam panna, you would require one raw mango, two tablespoons of sugar, one tablespoon of black salt and cumin powder and one cup of water. First, boil the mangoes for 10 minutes on medium flame until they are soft. Then peel the mango and grind to form a pulp. Add the pulp in a pan on low flame and put your sugar in it. Cook it until the sugar dissolves. Close the gas and then add black salt and cumin seeds and give it a mix. Take one spoon of the mango pulp you prepared and add it to a glass. Pour in amla and water in the glass, and your amla aam panna is ready.


This yummy sweet, and salty drink is one of the things we all like to have in the summer

5. Amla Sherbet:

This one is super easy to make; you would require one-fourth cup of amla juice, one tablespoon of sugar, one teaspoon of black salt and cold water. Mix all these ingredients, and your sherbet is ready. You can add more sugar according to your taste and garnish it with crushed mint leaves.

Try these amla coolers and let us know how you liked them.

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