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5 Amazing Fusion Golgappas That You Cant Afford To Miss



Golgappas hold a very special place in Indian hearts and stomachs. It is undeniably a treat that has been one of the street foods we have missed the most during lockdown. Different regions in India have their own variations of golgappa and various types of flavored water to go with it. These water balls are conventionally stuffed with boiled potatoes, onions, chickpeas and tamarind chutney before they are dipped in tangy water made with mint and chillies. From street side stalls to big restaurants, this iconic snack has found its way everywhere and we are not complaining.

The snack is so popular that it has inspired many flavourful renditions. Golgappas are now available with modern twists where the water is replaced by melted chocolate, cheese corn filling, and so forth.

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Here’s a list of different types of Golgappas that you will make your mouth water :

Pizza Golgappa : Filled with pizza sauce, laden with cheese and seasoning thrown into the golgappa balls which are then baked to the perfection. Add some chopped veggies to garnish the pizza version of Golgappas. It’s sure to win hearts of all the golgappa as well as pizza lovers.

Cheese Corn Chat Golgappa : This fusion of golgappas with cheese and corn is prepared by using American corn kernels, semolina, green chilli, mayonnaise and whole wheat flour. Sprinkle some aloo bhujia and team this delectable snack recipe with jaljeera to enhance your taste buds.

Chocolate Golgappa : Who knew tangy golgappa could one day become a dessert? Well, here you go. Chocolate Golgappas are filled with walnuts, almonds, cherries and dunked in a pool of luscious, melted chocolate. It is an ideal dessert to treat your sweet tooth with chocolate, coconut and colourful sprinkles.

Butter Chicken Golgappa : This fusion golgappa is a fantastic combination of two extremely different recipes. Getting a creamy flavour burst of butter chicken out of a crunchy golgappa is a dream come true. Pair it up with chopped onion and flavorful chutney to have the best experience.

Chinese Golgappa : This type of fusion golgappa is filled with fried noodles, schezwan sauce, onions, carrots and cabbage. Some even add different types of Chinese sauces, keeping the Chinese cuisine flavour intact in this heady fusion.

In addition to these, there are a lot of different varieties of golgappas including beetroot golgappa, spinach golgappa, plum chilli golgappa and even oats golgappa that have got people hooked.

Try these golgappa versions at home and let us know how you liked it.

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