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4 Tomato Ketchup Options To Pair With Your Snacks



We love gorging on crunchy pakodas and spicy samosas during the evening. These popular snacks made a perfect buddy to pair along our ‘kadak’ cup of evening chai. But don’t you think these greasy delish just seem dull without some condiment by the side? We feel samosa is incomplete without some chutney to dip it in. Likewise, there’s one such condiment that is versatile and makes a popular choice for any snack item of your choice; and it is tomato ketchup. Sweet-and-spicy tomato ketchup just elevates your munching experience in no time. Considering this, we found some delicious tomato ketchup options for you to stash in your pantry. Read on.

4 Tomato Ketchup Options For You:

Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup

One of the most popular tomato ketchup options for all, this product by Kissan makes for a perfect dip, spread or any type of accompaniment. The best part is, this product comes in a pouch pack that makes it easy to use ad store.

13% off

Orchard Lane Organic Ketchup

We also found a tomato ketchup bottle that is organic and includes 85 percent tomatoes in the ingredients. Besides, it includes to preservatives or colours that makes it yet more rich and delicious.

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Ketofy – Keto Ketchup

If you are someone who prefer keeping a check on what you eat every day, then this tomato ketchup can be a perfect addition to your pantry. It includes zero added sugar and is ultra-low in carb content.

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Maggi Tomato Ketchup Pichkoo

We also found a handy tomato ketchup pouch that can be carried anywhere with your meal. You can keep it handy in your bag and use it anywhere and anytime you want. Do give it a try.

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