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4 Of The Best Readymade Trail Mix Options For You



By now, we all know the importance of snacking healthy. The weird hunger pangs call for quick foods and that is when we resort to a packet of chips or some unhealthy and calorific tit-bits. There’s no doubt that these munchies curb our hunger in no time, but they also leave quite a few bad effects on our health. Hence, experts always recommend keeping healthy nuts and dried fruits handy to curb our short-term hunger in the healthiest way possible. Considering this, we found a few trail mix packets for you. What is a trail mix? Trail mix is basically a combination of healthy nuts, fruits, seeds, oats et al that makes a perfect quick food for snacking.

Here’re 4 Readymade Trail Mix Options For You:

Super Healthy Mixed Nuts Seeds and Berries – Roasted Trail Mix

An assortment of almost 20 types of nuts, fruits and seeds this trail mix will leave you want for some more. These nutritious ingredients are loaded with almost every essential nutrient, providing instant energy to get going for the whole day.

BerriNutty Super Trail Mix

If you like the tangy taste of berries, then this product is just ideal for you. It includes almonds, cashews, cranberries and raisins. The nuts in this packet are lightly toasted, retaining their authentic flavour and taste.

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Nutty Gritties Mom’s Superfood Trail Mix

This packet of trail mix includes almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, flax seeds, dried black raisins, dried black currant, dried cranberries and dried blueberries. The inclusion of these healthy ingredients makes the trail mix high in dietary fibre that further promote balanced metabolism.

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Green Snack Co. Mixed Nuts and Seeds

Besides the regular almonds, cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, cranberries and raisins, this pack also include chocolate coated chickpeas. The addition of chickpeas makes this trail mix protein-rich and healthy.

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