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4 French Police Officers Charged Over Black Man’s Beating, 2 Arrested

The prosecution had requested pre-trial detention for 3, and a judicial review for 4th(Representational)


Four French police officers have been charged in connection with the beating of a black man in Paris, with two held in custody, a judicial source said Monday.

The examining magistrate charged three with “willful violence by a person holding public authority” and “forgery”.

Two were kept behind bars, while the other two were put on conditional release.

Video carried by the Loopsider website shows how music producer Michel Zecler was repeatedly beaten by three officers for several minutes and subjected to racial abuse as he tried to enter his music studio earlier this month.

An officer suspected of having thrown a tear gas grenade into the basement of the building where the attack occurred was charged with “willful violence”.


The prosecution had requested pre-trial detention for the first three, and a judicial review for the fourth.

Lawyers for the group of three declined to comment after the magistrate’s decision early Monday morning.

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