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33 Communities Pledge To End Poppy Plantation In Manipur’s War On Drugs

Manipur CM N Biren Singh led the convention that pledged to destroy poppy cultivation


For first time in Manipur, 33 communities have pledged to end poppy plantations as part of Chief Minister N Biren Singh’s war against drugs campiang. Mr Singh led the leaders and representatives of 33 different communities in taking a collective pledge to work together towards complete destruction of illegal poppy cultivation and checking illegal drugs businesses, and such an initiative has been taken in Manipur for the first time. This is part of the “war on drugs” campaign launched by the Chief Minister. Poppy cultivation on over 4,000 hectares has been already destroyed.

The event, ‘All Communities Convention for a Pledge Against Illegal Poppy Plantation’, was organised at Bhagyachandra Open Air Theatre by Meitei Leepun in association with the top bodies of these 33 communities under the supervision of the Chief Minister.

The convention was held after people responded to the Chief Minister’s call to support and cooperate on the ‘war on drugs’ campaign by taking part in destruction of poppy cultivation.

“…We further pledge we shall work for completely eradicating illegal poppy cultivation and other illicit drug businesses in any areas of our jurisdiction by any person from within or outside,” MBC Pastor Rev Zuankanmang Daimei led the pledge.

Some participants left their villages on February 23 to reach Imphal on Thursday to take part in the convention. Volunteers of Royal Riders Manipur received the participants at different locations.

The Chief Minister said that he was moved by the people’s overwhelming response to his appeal for a collective fight against drugs and poppy plantation.

He said the convention was a historic event and it would be remembered forever. When he was elected to the Manipur assembly for the first time in 2002, the Chief Minister said he moved a private member resolution to forgive and forget the past mistakes and live together harmoniously.

After he became the Chief Minister, Mr Biren said going to the hills to bring equal opportunities and development was his first slogan.

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