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3-Year-Old GoPro Sushi Train Video Resurfaces: Sparks Debate On Etiquette Gaps Between East And West



A video of a YouTuber placing his GoPro on a sushi conveyor belt in Tokyo has resurfaced after three years. The incident took place in March 2018, with the camera seen going around the restaurant on the belt, travelling past other diners and capturing them. While a few patrons noticed the camera and even smiled at it, others frowned and some were even oblivious to it. Finally, the camera made its way into the kitchen, where the employees found it and passed it on to its owner. The YouTuber, TkyoSam, then uploaded the video to YouTube. It went viral and has, so far, topped over 8.34 lakh views.

Since resurfacing on Reddit a day ago, it has garnered a lot of reactions. While many were seemingly annoyed or found the video “intrusive”, others were charmed.

A user by the name ‘tomatome’ said the video “was taken in Japan in 2018” and had “caused quite a stir, with the restaurant wanting to press charges against the customers”. Another who went by the username ‘renvi’ said the video “served as a liability to the restaurant”.

A couple of users also spoke about Japan and its privacy laws. While one user, ‘unfonfortable’, said “Many Japanese people are very private and don’t like being filmed by random people. They probably wouldn’t do this in a place like the US or UK, but they will do it in Japan”. Then there was one named ‘Edythir’ who commented: “Japan has super strict laws about privacy, a lot of them being anti-stalking laws. Publishing the face of any person without their consent is highly illegal”.

However, there were a few users who also saw a funny side to it. While ‘rekipsj’ felt it was a “real slice of life” and always “found it lovely and watched it all the way through”, user ‘flyingace1234′ was “expecting it to end with someone going ‘oh hey free go pro’.”

‘LexLuthorJr’, opined that it was a lot of adventure for the GoPro and “in the US, someone would have called in the police, bomb squad, SWAT team, and the military”. Also commenting on similar lines was ‘somexsayxcrazy’ who wrote, “My first thought was ‘must not be America since it was still there by the second table’.”

‘mcmunch20′ said that “Japanese people are among the most polite I’ve met” and went on to add that a person “can accidentally leave something expensive on a table or a bus stop or something and no one will steal it”.

How do you look at the entire episode — sneaky or funny? Tell us in the comments below.

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