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21 Types of Biryanis, Pizzas And Cakes- Thats How Hilton Garden Inn Gurgaon Is Celebrating 2021!



Glasshouse at Hilton Gardenn Inn Baani Square Gurgaon.

2020 has been quite an unfortunate year for the F&B industry at large- the pandemic led to a nationwide lockdown, affecting the businesses severely. But 2021 changed quite a bit. With the ease in lockdowns, restaurants and hotels across the country opened up and they are all buzzing up with new ideas. While some are coming up with new menus, some are experimenting with new food trends. But Hilton Garden Inn at Gurgaon Baani Square is celebrating 2021 with a unique spin on the menu!

Glasshouse At Garden Inn Baani Square launched ’21 dishes in 2021′ which brings to you 21 curated courses, ready to tantalize your taste buds! The wholesome menu comprises of an array of pizzas, curated by Chef Priyanka besides drool-worthy 21 ambrosial flavours of Biryani by Chef Pradeep, and satiating your sweet tooth with 21 varieties of cakes is, Chef Zakhir.

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The multi-cuisine restaurant serves a selection of hearty meals from local to international cuisines and we were treated with some of the best. Besides trying some of the choices of delicacies from the 21 dishes menu, we were served a hint of Indian and Asian too! Starting off with a flaming-hot murgh malai tikka which was all things succulent and spicy, we moved to a delightfully refreshing and unique laksa curry with chicken noodles. The beautiful spice blend of turmeric, ginger and, lemongrass in a coconut base was indeed a treat to our taste buds when served inside a fresh coconut.

Then came the turn for biryani! Both veg and non-veg biryani came with ambrosial flavours of distinct spices beautifully laced with the rice. The 21 collection of biryanis include Chaudhary Saab Ki Biryani and Kathal Biryani. We moved on to the range of loaded and eclectic pizzas such as Pizza Bianca, Pizza-De-Glasshouse and classic pepperoni. On the sweeter note we were treated with a platter of tiny delights including unique beetroot barfi and coconut barfi. The restaurant also has as set of some of the most refreshing summer mocktails to go with your meals.


The 21 dishes menu at Hilton Garden Inn Gurgaon is sure to leave you spoilt with choice and is definitely worth a try for anyone craving an extensive spread to nosh upon after an year!

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