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2022 Porsche Cayenne Coupe facelift spotted in new spy photos



The 2022 Porsche Cayenne is expected to get some mid-cycle updates, and these new spy shots confirm that the Coupe model will follow the SUV’s lead in getting updated front and rear styling elements. 

As we can plainly see, the exterior changes won’t be too significant. That’s pretty typical for Porsche, so no surprise there. The subtle camouflage on this prototype hides an updated front bumper, some slimmed-down headlights, and what appears to be a slightly more-sculpted hood. 

The Coupe’s most significant styling departure from the SUV is naturally in the rear, so we’d expect the changes to diverge here, but Porsche has thrown us a curveball rather than a mere change-up. Unlike the SUV, which has been spotted with its rear lighting elements still quite comprehensively disguised, this Coupe’s rear end is virtually bare. 

Updates to the cabin are expected as well, with items such as the 911-style “shaver” gear selector migrating over to bring the Cayenne’s interior up to date. 

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