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2022 Nissan Pathfinder teased, and it looks way better

The next-generation Nissan Pathfinder is coming on February 4, and Nissan just dropped a teaser for the model today.

Nissan’s video above depicts the new Pathfinder pounding down some dirt tracks, making loud engine noises and getting pelted with the elements. Dirt, rain, mud, snow and ice all make an appearance. As for the car itself, Nissan is keeping most of it close to its chest.

It’s clearly going to say “Pathfinder” across the rear hatch in much larger lettering than it does today, The frontal shot depicts a generic, big SUV with bright running lights peeking through the dirt. We can pick out black mirror caps contrasting against red paint, some tall-looking roof rails and small (but noticeable) fender flares in front and back.

The final shot of Nissan’s quick video is the most revealing of all, as it shows much of the rear design. We can see some new, thin LED taillights wrapping around the edge. “Pathfinder” is spelled out in all caps and spread out across the entire rear end. Above that sits the new Nissan logo. The SUV’s basic design is the most striking of all, though. All the rounded softness of the current Pathfinder looks to be replaced with blocky, straight cut lines everywhere. It’s upright and far more chiseled than before. In general, the new aesthetic looks far superior to the outgoing car’s anonymous blob theme.

We’ll have to wait until late next week to see it fully revealed, but this first glance is a promising one. 

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