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2022 Morgan Plus Six and Plus Four get even more modern



The new and thoroughly more modern Morgan Plus Four and Plus Six are getting a suite of updates to make them even more livable for the 2022 model year. It’s no major redesign like the cars received for 2020, but it’s enough to make you take a second look at this unique pair of British roadsters.

To begin, Morgan engineered a new hood. This one is designed to offer improved weather and sound insulation through the use of a new seal package that is better at keeping water and noise at bay. The hood’s frame structure is also redone to eliminate the need for hood rail fasteners, making the hood easier and quicker to open. You’ll notice Morgan’s redesigned “wings badge” just forward of the hood, the first use of the revised logo.

Another big update is the introduction of an optional active exhaust system. The bypass valves open up in Sport and Sport Plus modes for an unrestricted bellowing, but can be closed and quiet when you want them to be. You can get the pipes in either polished silver or painted black.

Morgan then went to town on the interior to make things nicer inside the Plus Four and Plus Six. There’s a new seat design that’s meant to be more comfortable and offer better lateral and longitudinal support in corners. Interior lighting is upgraded with new LED lights in the rear bulkhead. And the exterior lights will stay on for up to 30 seconds after you pull the key from the ignition to light your way out of the car at night — that’s fairly normal for most modern cars, but it’s a nicety we’re not accustomed to seeing in a Morgan.

Also modern and nifty in a Morgan is the addition of a dual USB outlet as standard equipment. Lastly, a lockable storage compartment is new for 2022 as an option. The new compartment is fitted to the rear of the luggage compartment and has no impact on the existing storage or occupant space.

All of these changes are effective on every new order made for the Plus Four or Plus Six. Morgan says these updates are all based on feedback from its customers and media who drove the car, so if you have more issues, it looks like Morgan is listening.

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