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2022 Honda Odyssey loses its HondaVac due to a supplier issue

The Honda Odyssey minivan is losing its in-car vacuum for the 2022 model year. The Drive reported the loss of the HondaVac first, learning that Honda had to nix it because the supplier who provided the vacuum went out of business. 

We asked Honda for confirmation of the news and comment, and a spokesperson sent this in response: “The timing of model year introductions varies from model to model for a number of reasons, some of which are out of our control. We pulled forward the introduction of the model year 2022 Odyssey primarily due to the discontinuation of the HondaVac feature in the Odyssey Elite at the conclusion of the 2021 model year based on a supplier issue.”

So, in addition to the HondaVac disappearing, the 2021 model year Odyssey wasn’t long for the world either. In its place stands the 2022 Odyssey that cannot be had with the in-car vacuum. Honda sourced its vacuum system from a company called Shop-Vac, based out of Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Reports cited by The Drive show that Shop-Vac shuttered its doors back in September last year due to Covid-19-related financial woes. Ever since then, Honda has been on the hunt for a solution to keep its in-car vacuum in the Odyssey.

The Drive reports that Honda still hasn’t found a new supplier yet for the vacuum, but there could be some good news on the horizon. Shop-Vac was recently acquired by a company called GreatSport Tools USA. There’s no guarantee that they’ll restart production of the vacuum, but there’s always a chance. We’ll stay on the lookout to see if the HondaVac ever comes back into production.

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