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2022 Honda Grom is upgraded but costs the same $3,399 as before

The heavily upgraded 2022 Honda Grom will hit dealerships across the United States in May, right as the riding season swings into high gear. And it will carry the same $3,399 base price as it did before. For another $200, an ABS model adds anti-lock brakes with an inertial measurement unit for more precise braking control.

The 2022 Grom’s fuel-injected 125cc engine has been updated to meet the world’s strictest emissions regulations, picking up a tiny bit of power in the process. The engine is still air-cooled, but now boasts a compression ratio of 10:1 versus the previous model’s 9.3:1 ratio. The additional fraction of a pony is enough to push the new Grom’s top speed to 59 miles per hour, which is up 5 mph over the old model. A bigger contributor to the speed and rideability improvements is a five-speed gearbox, up one for 2022, that offers a wider spread of ratios and a larger rear sprocket. Honda says the extra gear and engine upgrades improve efficiency, too.

Past the powertrain, the big Grom news for 2022 are the little bike’s removable and interchangeable body panels that are held to the steel backbone frame by six fasteners. That means the Grom’s Queen Bee Yellow, Matte Black Metallic, Pearl White and (on ABS models only) Candy Blue paint schemes can be mixed and matched by owners. There’s an optional SP color package that adds unique graphics and a yellow shock spring along with gold wheels, brake calipers and fork. There’s also a new seat design and an LCD gauge cluster with a gear indicator.

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