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2022 Ford Maverick retail order book closes today



In December 2021, as Ford compared order books for the 2022 Maverick Hybrid and F-150 Lightning pickups against production capacity, the automaker shut down retail orders for both models. A month later, Ford has turned the lights out on the standard gas-powered 2022 Maverick, too. The company sent a letter to dealers on Monday letting them know that as of the close-of-business on Thursday, January 27 — that’s today — they will not be able to place new orders for any 2022 Maverick. Ford spokesman Said Deep told the Detroit Free Press, “We’re trying to manage customer expectations on timing.” The Hermosillo, Mexico, plant that builds the Maverick and its platform-mate, the Bronco Sport, is “running full steam.”  

Deep told Freep, “Customers may still be able to purchase a Maverick on the lot at their local Ford dealer. We’ll kick off ordering for the 2023 Maverick starting in the summer,” taken to mean August when the 2023 models are about to hit the pipeline. The only chance for anyone to get a new 2022 Maverick is to already have a confirmed order placed, or to find one on a dealer lot. That latter option will be difficult even though Ford is still trying to fulfill dealer stock orders. According to an Edmunds analyst, the Maverick is spending just four days on dealer lots, “turning over as fast as any vehicle in the industry” at an average transaction price of about $28,000 compared to its entry-level MSRP of $21,490. For any who haven’t caught the latest on car prices, Cox Automotive recently reported that the price of the average used car just crested the $28,000 mark. Of course, that doesn’t factor in dealer ADM’s, which are still hitting five figures around the country. A Maverick Truck Club forum thread includes screenshots of some Maverick ads from around the country, one seller asking $54,999 for a used, two-wheel drive 2022 Maverick Hybrid with 30 miles. 

The automaker had already asked executives leasing Mavericks to return them to the company for retail sale. A dealer in Los Angeles said he got one of the returns and had it sold to someone on his waiting list 10 days before the pickup arrived at the dealership. Considering the continued frenzy, Maverick intenders who simply must have a custom order should get their names on a waiting list now. Deep said that for those willing to endure the slow burn, “a good dealer will take your name and number and call you back.”



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