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2022 Ford E-Transit gains full-line pricing and more detailed EPA range estimates



Ford revealed the 2022 E-Transit last year as an electric alternative to its many gasoline-powered commercial vans. We got vague pricing information and range figures for the maximum range model back then, but Ford is ready to share more today. Detailed pricing for the entire range of E-Transit vans is available, and so are their corresponding estimated EPA range figures.

The promise of a sub-$45,000 MSRP has been kept, as the base Low Roof Cutaway model starts at $43,295. That’s before the destination is added in, but Ford still hasn’t provided that figure. We suspect it’ll be near to or identical to the standard Transit that is built at the same Kansas City assembly plant. That van has a $1,695 destination charge tacked onto it, which would theoretically bring the final base price of the E-Transit up to $44,990, barely squeaking in under the promised $45,000 mark. Keep in mind that the E-Transit is also eligible for the full $7,500 tax credit at this time, making it an even more appealing option for businesses looking for a deal.

The two cheapest models (Cutaway Low Roof and Chassis Cab Low Roof) are the only two without EPA estimated range figures. The Chassis Cab’s price is only $530 more than the Cutaway. For a full breakdown of prices and range for all the Cargo Van configurations (the six remaining versions Ford will be building), read on through the list below.

  • Low Roof/Regular wheelbase: $47,185 — 126 miles of range
  • Low Roof/Long wheelbase: $48,395 — 126 miles of range
  • Medium Roof/Regular wheelbase: $48,280 — 116 miles of range
  • Medium Roof/Long wheelbase: $49,490 — 116 miles of range
  • High Roof/Long wheelbase: $51,530 — 108 miles of range
  • High Roof/Extended wheelbase: $52,690 — 108 miles of range
  • As you can tell, range drops when you raise the roof higher. No surprises there.

Besides these details, Ford also shared numbers on interested buyers. Right now, Ford says it has 450 commercial customers across 45 different vocations that have submitted interest in buying. To better handle the interest, Ford says it’s opening up a new registration site ( where potential buyers can indicate which versions they might want and be included in notifications for when order banks open. You’re not required to place any kind of a deposit at this time to get on Ford’s list.

In the meantime, Ford is rolling out a pilot program to select job sites and communities throughout the country where a number of folks will get the chance to try the electric van out. Full availability will hit later this year after order banks open sometime in July.

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