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2022 Chevy Silverado HD gains Multi-Flex tailgate as an option



GM is spreading the Multi-Pro Tailgate love around its truck lineup, and the Silverado HD is the latest pickup to gain the option. Just like the 2021 Silverado 1500, Chevy uses the “Multi-Flex” name for it in the HD, eschewing GMC’s “Multi-Pro” branding for the bowtie vehicles.

You’ll be able to option the tailgate on 2022 model year Silverado 2500HD and 3500HD models. It’ll be available optionally in every trim, so there’s no need to grab a more expensive trim to gain access to the trick tailgate — you’re also not required to take it in higher trims. Functionality is the same as the standard Silverado and Sierra

The primary gate opens and closes like any other tailgate out there. There’s a primary gate load stopper that allows you to put the gate down and still keep things from flying out the back (it can also be arranged such that the load stopper is at a higher height by using the inner gate’s stopper). The inner gate folds down perpendicular to the ground to allow closer access to the bed. A full-width step is available if you fold both “gates” down and pop out the inner panel. And lastly, the inner gate can be lowered to use it as a small work space.

You can watch the short video above to get a quick run through of all the positions, or scroll through the gallery at the top of this post. Besides the tailgate, Chevy says the 2022 Silverado HD is gaining a new Greenstone Metallic exterior paint color. Other changes for 2022 were not detailed at this time, but Chevy says the trucks with this tailgate should be available sometime this summer.

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