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2022 Buick Enclave revealed with a handsome new look

Here is the 2022 Buick Enclave! That’s all now. Move along. At least, that’s according to Buick, which offered no information beyond these two photos. We know it’s for the 2022 model year, and we know it will go on sale “later this year.”

The visual changes are obvious enough on their own. It amounts to what we’d expect a mid-cycle refresh would look like. Buick gave it a totally new front and rear. We’re most taken by the new look up front, though. That grille gives it the presence it was lacking before, and the horizontal slashes meeting in the middle at the Buick logo are a nice touch. New LED headlights are slimmed way down and tuck in neatly under the hood. Even the lower bumper adds some pizazz with swooping lines and a handsome, verging on sporty, finish.

Nothing much changes in the middle, but sharp LED taillights steal the show in back. They’re still connected by a central trim piece, but it’s been darkened and massaged to a cleaner look. Buick also looks like it has gone for a concealed exhaust design — it had a visible dual exhaust pipe exit before. The last obvious change is a new set of dark-painted wheels.

There are certainly a number of tech updates to be found on the interior, but Buick isn’t talking about (or showing) those yet. We’ll have to wait for a later date to know every last detail of the refreshed Enclave. For now, the styling changes are a nice change of pace and make it look far more appealing.

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