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2021 Acura TLX Long-Term Update | Seats look great, feel less so



There’s a lot to like about our Acura TLX A-Spec‘s interior. In particular, I love the vivid red leather upholstery, the satisfying drive mode selector, and the loads of space inside. What I’m not so in love with is the actual design of the front seats.

They look great and are quite shapely with the undulating black faux suede inserts and leather piping separating the aforementioned red leather panels. But they’re underwhelming when they’re under you. My biggest complaint is that the seat bottom is extremely short, and the adjustment for angle is a bit limited. As such, my thighs lack support, and on a long trip, this can become quite uncomfortable. The Acura is far from the only car I’ve experienced with this issue, but with our car priced over $45,000, it’s surprising there isn’t more adjustment, or some sort of seat base extender common in sportier cars (most notably BMW).

Also disappointing is the lack of lateral support. The seats look like they have some decent bolsters, but they’re very soft and fairly wide apart. As such, they don’t do much to keep you in place. And although this isn’t the full-force Type S, the A-Spec still has an air of sportiness about it, so it seems like something Acura would want to improve a little.

It’s not all bad, though. The seats themselves have thick and reasonably soft cushioning, so the parts of you that are supported are comfortable. The adjustable lumbar support is actually quite excellent with the ability to add quite a bit over a large area.

Overall, I’m not angry with the TLX’s seats, I’m just a bit disappointed. They wouldn’t put me off the car, I just think that, for as good as so much else is, it deserves something better.

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